Top 3 Plus Size Prom Dress Styles 2017 

Is it too early to talk prom dresses? Not at all. Now is actually the best time to start getting your prom outfit together. It’s important to find one that will compliment you, so you may want to start as soon as possible. You want to look and feel beautiful, because proms are special. You also want to be on top of the latest trends as well. Modern prom gowns are made for every type of girl. Here are some of the top styles in stores now that celebrates girls of all sizes. 

Empire Waist Gowns

An empire waist is accentuates the smallest part of your waist. While also giving you a beautiful flare at the skirt of your dress. You get an elegant look when this design is matched with the perfect color and fabric. You can accentuate the waist more with an accessory if you’re feeling creative. You can also find one with some embroidery at the waist as well, or you can leave it alone and wear the dress as is. 
Fit and Flare Gowns 

The fit and flare if one of my all time favorites. This style builds so much confidence. The top half shapes and firms your upper body. The flare happens right below your waist for a really pretty look. It’s so classy and chic. The fit and flares are usually shorter dresses too. This makes it easy to show your legs without feeling self conscious about it. Pair this style with some high heels to give yourself a very slimming look. 
Mermaid Gowns 

Mermaid gowns are so stunning. Just the design of the whole shape alone is mesmerizing. This look has a flare as well, but it hits right at the curve of your knees. These dresses are fitted at the top and throughout the body as well. This style is designed not only to slim you in, but shape you as well, and make you a look extremely statuesque. 

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