Meet Alana Hadid, Gigi And Bella’s Older Sister And Fashion Mogul 

Alana Hadid is the amazingly fashionable big sister of Gigi and Bella Hadid. 

The Hadid sisters are some of the coolest inspirations in the fashion industry today. It’s not surprising that there’s another fashionable Hadid sister out there. Alana is known best for working behind the scenes doing a number of jobs, because she’s just that awesome. 

Alana is a stylist, personal shopper, and has her own line called current moji. Her line is so perfect, because her Instagram has a lot of personality. She really knows how to work social media, and found an incredibly smart way to incorporate that into the fashion world. 

Current Moji’s second season is available on the website. Emojis are such a big part of everyone’s social life right now. It’s a creatively fun way to express yourself. That’s also what fashion is all about as well. Alana is taking fashion and emojis to new heights with this innovative brand she’s built. 

Incorporating emojis into fashion is a big trend for 2017. Purses, jewelry, and even writing pens are being created with the most popularly used emojis. As Current Moji continues to trend in the fashion industry, we’ll definitely be seeing more emojis in our closet. This is an incredibly fun time in fashion, so feel free to be open with how you decided to style your emojiwear. 

 I would start with finding an amazing fashion blog to pull inspiration from. Following a fashion publication brings new ideas to your wardrobe. Fashion blogs such as Fashionata, have extremely creative ideas for fashion trends and how to style them. If you’re looking for details to add to your look, I highly suggest checking out Fashionata.

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