Shop Teyxo This Valentine’s Day 

Today is Valentine’s Day, so maybe you’re going out of the house today. If not, then you should. It’s always nice to show someone you love them and receive love. Yes, I know we should be doing this daily, but Valentine’s Day is a fun festive day that should be loved not hated. I mean the holiday is all about love, so why do the opposite? Some great ideas for Valentine’s Day outfits are always usually something pink and red. 

This year geometrical shapes and designs are trending again. This concept can be used in so many other ways than just in prints. You can expand on the idea of using geometric designs in so many ways. With clothing it can be implemented in simple designs such as cut outs, or asymmetrical necklines. Trying these sort of techniques out gives outfits such a great juxtaposition of the overall look. 

Mixing the two concepts of color and design is the way to go this year. If you’re thinking about what to wear and how to style yourself, let this be a guide to steer you in the right direction. Starting off with the traditional bold and vibrant colors of Valentine’s Day is a great start. Red, pink, white, and even black are the classic Valentine’s Day colors. Once you decide what color to wear, you’ll be able to easily pick out an outfit. This is because you’ll have a little structure now and color theme to stick to.

The next thought is all about the accessories. Geometrically shaped accessories are back as well. Purses are my all time fave, especially when they’re multifunctional. They are so creative and you always look cool carrying one. Geometrically shaped handbags are extremely edgy and very fashion forward. Today’s designs have that classic 80’s punk rock feel with a contemporary finish. Teyxo is a great Etsy shop with designs just like the ones I’ve mentioned. Check them out to get more inspiration on what to wear today.

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