A Conversation With Steves Peeps Stylist For The Haus Of Gaga

Steves Peeps is a charismatically well known public figure, fashion designer, model, and curator of style and fashion. We have Steves here with us to discuss his love for Haute Couture, his thoughts on celebrity culture, and his connection with the Haus of Gaga.

The Haus of Gaga is Lady Gaga’s personal creative team. They are responsible for most of her wardrobe and that crazy style of hers that we have all grown to love. This artistic group of individuals is known as part of the “it crowd” of the fashion world. 

When did you first fall in love with fashion?

When I went to my first fashion show
What was your first experience in the fashion industry?

I went to a fashion show when I was 11 
What’s the story behind how you met Lady Gaga’s best friend Lady Starlight? 

Way back during the Myspace days I came across Lady Gaga’s best friend and Haus member Lady Starlight. She is a doll and a really good person, I would help her out with promo work for her Viper room gigs and she would help me out in bulletins by promoting me.
What are your thoughts on modern celebrity culture? 

In my eyes since social media is the new norm, everything is like one big flex to see who looks better than who. I am not a socialite by any means but Instagram and Facebook kind of became this like dick measuring contest so to speak. Narcissism has exploded because of social media. Celebrity culture becomes this kind of I dunno like invisible drug that you can not get enough of. The intangible high.
How do you feel about where Haute Couture is headed these days?

Well to me Haute couture will always be amazing, right now some of my favorite shows have been the Dior one and the recent Shakespearean vibed Valentino one. The hand painted flowers looked quite amazing on that dress in the show.
What are some of your favorite brands out right now?

Right now? Alexander Wang and Rick ( I love all black ) Vetements is another one. My Titanic hoodie is an essential. I like mostly minimalist things.
What are the hottest fashion trends this fall? 

Glitter-mania, maximalism (think Gucci) Fall florals, oversized sweatshirts, ankle boots.
What’s your favorite fall accessory?

My fav fall accessory would be my Fendi Scarf, Black Prada boots.
What are your favorite fall comfort foods?

I love veggies
What’s the next project you’re working on and when can we look forward to seeing it?

It’s a secret for now…..so stay tuned 
To learn more about Steves Peeps and to keep up with his exciting lifestyle you can follow him on Facebook and Twitter by clicking the links below.

Click Here For Steves Facebook

Click Here For Steves Twitter

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