Chic Leather Fanny Packs Are Spring/Summer Hottest Accessory 

Photo Credit: Pinterest 
Somehow fanny packs got a bad reputation for being old lady bags. That’s not true at all though. They were really popular in the 80’s and early 90’s and then somehow they just fell off. Now fanny packs are back. They’re way more stylish and actually really cute. I’d wear one to be honest. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest 
The fanny packs that are trending aren’t the old school ones made out of nylon. The ones everyone are wearing now, are made out of leather. The leather is probably what changed the game and made them a lot more fashionable. 

What I like best about these new school fanny packs is the way they compliment your body. If I’m going to wear something around my waist I want it to at least compliment my outfit. I will admit these leather fanny packs are very fashionable. I also love how much functionality they have. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The fact that the fanny pack sits at your hip means that your hands get to be free. Having your hands free is amazing if you live in New York, or any other big cities. The best part about being hands free is that you can move comfortably, and you don’t have to panic about your stuff, because it’s always with you. 

Today’s trendiest fanny packs are extremely interchangeable. They look really good paired with jeans and a t-shirt. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest 

Fanny packs also look chic when worn with a cute day time outfit for work, or lunch with friends.
Photo Credit: Pinterest 

If you’re interested in getting a fanny pack Molly Shaheen has an amazing selection on their website. Visit the site to take a look at their collection, prints, and colors. 

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