Tie Castle’s Colorful Men’s Spring Ties

Fellas as the seasons change, so should the colors in your closet. You don’t have to change out your suits, but you should start considering different colors for ties and accessories. Changing the color of your ties in spring keeps you on trend. Pastels were used a lot during New York Fashion Week. Look for lighter shades in whatever colors you’re thinking of trying out. 

Color blocking is also trending to, so spice up your ties a little with two tones that play off of each other. This style is easy to pair with any basic suit that you have. Choosing a tie with color blocking can also give you some room to be creative. Choosing a pocket square, handkerchief, or even socks that match the accent color in your tie is a great look. Matching elements of color gives you an overall polished look. 

You can also go a little darker with tie colors, because spring hasn’t exactly sprung yet. Honestly, staying in semi darker tones isn’t something you have to necessarily give up this spring. Textiles and prints make the same statement as colors do. Actually, spring is the perfect time to try out different prints in your wardrobe.

Colors and prints are the thing to keep in mind this spring. You can also apply this concept to your suits as well, as long as there’s no restrictions on this in certain areas of your life. You all know what you can and can not wear to work. If a brightly colored suit is too much you can still keep some color in your outfit with the accessories. 

Although pastels are in don’t go too pastel, unless you want to look like the Easter bunny. A creative alternative is just simply sticking to the basic spring colors when you want to switch things up. This strategy makes your fashion sense seem calculated and well thought out, which is definitely great for a man that dresses this well. 

Tie Castle has a pretty large variety of men’s ties and accessories. There’s plenty of colors, textiles, and patterns to choose from. Check out their site to see more spring tie selections 

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