Readers Are Everything I Need This Spring

Glasses are so nerdy, and quirky, and weird, and I mean this all in the best way possible. I’ve always been infatuated with glasses. I don’t need them, but I’ve always thought they were really cool. I bought my first pair of readers about 10 years ago. They were squared with a tortoise shell frame, and an oval shaped gold stud at the top left and right corners. 

I wore those things till they peeled to death. They became dull and worn out. From there on I was hooked on trying out different styles. My next pair came from Urban Outfitters they covered most of my face and had thin red frames. I called them my Sally Jesse Raphaels. I vowed to not love another pair after they broke. 

As spring breaks into season I’m starting to really miss my plastic faux readers. Readers always made me feel smart and gave my outfits just the right amount flare. They have this amazing ability to make me feel confident and cool. They’re a great disguise when I feel like going for a totally different look. I even dress differently. My style transforms into this eccentric nerd with a hint of sex appeal. Overall I feel like a new person, which is so fun and exciting even if it is for a few hours. 

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