Statement Jackets: 2017’s Hottest Spring Accessory 

Who else has been drooling over this Gucci embellished leather biker jacket? Well, I’ve been doing some research and statement Jackets are in this spring for men and women. If you’re like myself and can’t afford this gorgeous Gucci then take a look at some other options you have.  

If you’re interested in making a trip to find your perfect statement jacket, you should consider what you want first. Jean statement jackets are trending as well. Jay Z was just spotted wearing a Gucci statement jean jacket, while at the Beauty and The Beast premiere with Bey and Blue Blue. 

Us Magazine

These bad boys are definitely in and I highly recommend getting one, if you’re thinking about it. 


Finding a statement jacket that you’ll fall in love with won’t be hard since they’re trending. You can easily come across something similar to the Gucci jacket at your favorite local or online stores. 


If leather is more your speed, then you can go for one with a similar vibe to the Gucci jacket. The difference will be the detailing of course, but that’s cool. Finding a cute leather statement Jacket with a floral print is just as good.

You can even take things a step further and get political with it. Political fashion is making a comeback, due to the current state of our governmental policies. It’s a cute comeback too I might add. 



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