As I’ve been studying and researching spring fashion I’ve noticed something consistently. While everyone is focusing on ruffles, embroidery, and prints I noticed the one thing that was constantly looked over. Almost every girl in every type of outfit I saw styled was wearing a shoulder bag. 

The shoulder wasn’t what stood out though, it’s how it was styled. Everyone was wearing their shoulder bags over their shoulder. This simple style was trending and no one was watching. Well, I’ve got you all covered. Here’s 5 ways to style your over the shoulder bag. 

1.Casual Colorblocking  

Photo Credit: Pinterest

A colorblocked over the shoulder bag doesn’t have to be tied down to simple looks. One may think that you have to match your outfit with your bag. That’s totally not the case. You can take a chic colorblocked purse and pair it with a casual outfit. Take it one step further and wear it with an outfit that features prints. 

2.The Round Mini

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Mini purses are always popular in the spring. Mini round purses are also popular as well, so why not add a long strap and make it an over the shoulder bag. It’s such a cute fashion style to add to your outfit. Matching a top with the same color as your bag is a classic style that looks good every time. Matching is also an effortless way to stay classically chic.

3.Multi Colored Earthtones 

Photo Credit: Popsugar Fashion

Multicolored bags can be a lot of fun. Styling a bag with more than two colors can stimulate your creativity, and help you create new innovative styles. Multicolored earthtones are always fun and easy to work with. You don’t have to match the colors, but wearing other earthtones that match is the way to go. 
4.The Midsized Hobo

Photo Credit: Nordstrom
Hobo bags are almost every bag lover’s best friend. I know I love a good hobo bag. They can carry so much and make you feel like all your stuff is always secure. Hobo bag aren’t known for being small. A midsized hobo over the shoulder bag may actually be the perfect in the go purse. If you’re always on the move this is exactly what you need, plus it can be styled with anything. 

5.The Wallet Sized Mini

Photo Credit: WhoWhatWear 

One of my favorites is the over the shoulder mini wallet sized purse. It’s easy enough to fit all your essentials, such as cards, money, and your public transportation passes if you live in a big city. These bags are extremely chic and lightweight. This bag style works great on date nights and going out with friends. 


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