I can’t stand when I think that I’ve done the most perfect job at packing, just to realize that I’ve forgotten a few important things. I’ll have outfits for every occasion, but no essentials. Everyone wants to look their best on vacation, but when we’re packing we forget that we need to be comfortable too. I’ve learned my lesson too many times, so I chose my “must haves” and I’m sticking to them. These are three things that I pack for every trip.
Little Black Dress

Photo Credit: Glam Radar
My little black dress is my best friend, and she never lets me down. She’s my safety net when I hate all my other options. When packing I take her rather I need her, or not. If for whatever reason you end up hating all your evening outfits, the little black dress will always have your back. 
Tote Bag

Photo Credit: LuLus

My second thing is always a tote bag. Tote bags make my traveling experiences a lot more comfortable. I also love having one while on my trip. I may be moving around a bit, and it’s nice to have things I feel are necessary while doing so. Totes allows you to have those “just in case” items on you, if you need them. 

A Pair Of Jeans
Photo Credit: Pink Lily

Jeans are a priority, because they’re the second comfiest pair of pants next to sweats. Trust me, sweatpants are not a cute look to wear on vacation. Those laidback days calls for a pair of jeans. Jeans gives you comfort, while still being fabulously stylish at the same time. 


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