Using Your Style To Elevate Your Voice 

Hey Diary and readers! I’ve had to take a little time off to switch things up a little. First I had to make some changes and turn this thing into a fashion and lifestyle diary. I had to change the name as well, and I thought this one was pretty classy, so….

Since this is my diary now, I’ll begin by talking about my week. Style and creative details are always my main attraction in fashion. Lately, I’ve been thinking about how I can elevate my career in fashion. I’m currently a writer, but I want to step my game up. Correction I’m currently managing blogs, but I’m still doing the writing as well. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest 

This week I was swamped with work. I’m now managing 5 blogs including keeping up with this diary. I knew this meant taking my creativity to new heights, which is scary, so I needed some help. I’ve been watching fashion documentaries on Netflix this past week. One of my favorites were Iris Apfel’s, and Jeremy Scott’s personal documentaries. 

I’ve learned so much more about the importance of style, and pushing the limits when it comes to evolving it. I know now that I want to be a fashion editor. I want to put collections together of visual and written work, to help remind people of how powerful fashion is. 

Photo Credit: Stylecaster

Our style speaks for us when we don’t quite have the words. It also speaks when we’d rather be quiet to avoid showing our egos. As for me I like to literally be as extravagant as my style. I’ve realized my style is an extension of my voice, and I’m taking that very seriously. Until next time y’all! 


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