How To Style Stripes For Spring/Summer 2017

I’ve been working my ass off this week. I’ve been hired as a fashion assistant for four different fashion brands, which puts me at a total of 5. I usually contribute to fashion blogs and magazines, and I had one long-term fashion assistant position already. 

These fashion assistant gigs will surely elevate my career in the industry. With that being said I know that I have to put them first to move ahead, while contributing on the side. Did I mention that I’m also a college teachers assistant three days a week?

My main task for work have been styling, consulting, creatively directing, and of course writing. These brands are trusting me to help them stay on their toes, because of that I’ve been diving deep into this year’s spring/summer fashion. Patterns are extremely popular right now. Stripes are my favorite pattern this year. I’ve been seeing a lot of people that I look to in fashion, wearing them. 

I was finally inspired to style stripes when my aunt Kitty came to the house this week. She was wearing an off the shoulder buttoned up stripped shirt with bell sleeves. I love when a garment has more than one trending detail in it. She paired her top with fitted wide leg jeans, with a perfect crease down the middle. It was fabulous. Since then I’ve put a visual collection together of how to style stripes. I used all facits of fashion, including clothing, architecture, nail art, and more. I hope it inspires you! 

Photo Credits: Pinterest 


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