How Social Media And Technology Changed The Fashion Industry

The fashion industry as a whole has definitely changed quite a bit. It’s not the same at all as it was in the past. This past week, I’ve been reflecting on the way we view fashion as a whole. The industry, and the art is a little tarnished. It’s not all technologies, so we can’t place too much blame there. A lot of the issue’s have to do with our own perception. The way that we choose to receive what we see on social media is all up to us. Trends are good, because they’re fun, but too much of anything can become a bad thing.

Technology is a platform that people use to set and show trends. The downfall of what’s trending can result in everyone becoming carbon copies of each other. Trends aren’t meant to be leaders of the fashion world. A trend is a trusty sidekick to fashion, but today people are a bit more concerned with being on trend. Not too many people are focusing on being fashion forward. I saw Tyson Beckford interview the other day and he feels social media is ruining the modeling business.


Tyson mentions that modeling and fashion as well has become a lazy industry overall. Any beautiful person can take pictures, and create a popping Instagram with a crazy amount of likes, and then boom! You’re a model. Back in the day models had to work hard to find a photographer to put their portfolios together. Afterwards they had to pound the pavement, and hit the streets to be seen by designers. Going on “go see’s” seems to be becoming obsolete. A go see is slang in the fashion industry. It’s when models literally go out and see designers, so they can ask for a shot in walking in their shows, or being in their next ad campaign.

The art of becoming a high fashion model seems to be fading away, but again this is all based on our perceptions. It is up to us as individuals to understand what’s real and what’s not in technology. There is nothing wrong with being an Instagram model, it’s just that, this is not the true way to become a high fashion model, and receive gigs with fashion houses. Technology has also changed the way people view the quality of fashion.


For example the idea of using of spandex to make ready to wear garments has become popular. They make cute bodycon dresses, but the downside is that they’re being worn to inappropriate places. Church, work, and other environments that demand a respectful dress code are the wrong places to wear clothing made mostly out of spandex. If you choose to wear spandex to these types of places, then you shouldn’t be treated poorly, but the fact is that your attire is out of pocket. Sorry.


Technology in fashion is not all bad. I will say it once more it’s all about perspective. It’s up to us to follow, or not to follow certain trends. Lately I’ve been using technology to grant myself access to international Fashion Week shows. I get invited to all the New York shows, but I’m still coming up in the industry and have a ways to go before I get invited to Milan, London, and Tokyo. That’s exactly why I got to YouTube and watch all the international shows there. I would never be able to do that without technology. I said that to say this, there’s good and bad in everything. Technology has changed the dynamic of fashion, and it will continue to change it. Everything has to change. It’s just the way things go, but it’s up to us to guide that change in the right direction.



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