We all get that “I don’t have shit to wear feeling” that’s usually because we’re bored, or we don’t see the potential in our closets. A common mistake people make is seeing an article of clothing as part of an outfit rather than by itself.

You may like wearing a certain shirt with a certain pair of pants and that’s cute, but when it comes to style you have to go further. See what those pants look like with another shirt you have, and then try another one.

Always try to pair things that just feel right to you. Never force it or ask yourself if someone else would wear it. That doesn’t matter. All that matters is how you feel about it. That’s it.

So, I think practicing style is always fun when you’re working with your everyday fashion. What I mean by everyday is the items you find yourself wearing most. The things you’re most comfortable in usually wind up becoming your favorite articles of clothing.

The reason why we have favorites varies. You can love something for the color, fit, or design. Either way your favorites make you feel good.

I took a few laid back, and perhaps not so laid back pieces and got creative. I’m a cozy type person, but I love mixing laid back and cozy with chic and classy.

I do the same for men when it comes to everyday style.

The idea is to 1.) See if you like/love the outfits


2.) If so, decide which pieces you’d actually add to your closet in real life.


3.) Think about how you’d style them with some favorites you already have.


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