Styling prints, patterns, or even loud colors can be a challenge. For some of us it’s an exciting one, but for others it might seem a little tough. When it comes to being bold fashionably, there’s always many ways to make it work for your style.

For example I’m loud and showy by nature, so I like to really go there. I’m the type to style a printed bottom with a printed top, and will. E in my glory. It’s not about being seen, but more about making a statement.

This outfit I styled screams I’m bold, confident, fearless, and fun. The goal is to always have your outfit speak for who you are.

Now, I know for some people wearing a print too and bottom may not be your style. In this case I say try playing with a printed pant as your starting point.

From there you might see other ways that you can add to your outfit, or you can keep it simple. Notice in this men’s outfit that I styled, these plaid pants with a printed Gucci coat.

You can also start by doing the opposite and work with a top that has a print or pattern.

If this isn’t your thing, but you want to give it a shot I say start light. There’s nothing wrong with just getting your feet wet. As you can see in the pic above, this outfit stands out, but it’s still pretty simple.

Same goes for this other outfit I styled as well. As you can see I like stripes, but check out the star print on the skirt. That’s a very subtitle and classy way to play with prints.

So either go for it full force or tip toe into a bit. Either way you’ll start seeing how much fun it is to add these elements to your style.


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